400 000 mal

HD, single-channel-video, color, sound, 04:36 min


Edition of 5 with 2 APs


Would you remove the DNA double strand of any human cell and would hold one single strand to a measuring tape, you would come to a length of about 2 meters. The entire DNA according to this calculation, a human being would have an incredible length of 150 billion kilometers. “Almost 400,000 times from earth to the Moon, 1,000 times from Earth to the Sun, and when we are 7 million, we can bridge the Milky Way, „says the artist in the sound track of her piece,  refering in the figurative sense of the range and possibilities of Humanity: „So many possibilities, so many wishes. and someday something will become true. A thought that is contrasted in its naivety on the image level by a String of artificial and natural adventure landscapes: Amusement City Atlantic City, a jump from the ParkInn Hotel on Berlin‘s Alexanderplatz  Places that fulfil wishes and supposedly have commercialised authentic experiences.


Text: Claudia Voit