The "Worlds of Desire" trilogy is the answer to the heterosexual mistake gays and lesbians have achieved social equality through legal equality. It's a story about characters who celebrate their individuality and love of life.


Worlds of Desire is made by the Lesbian multi-media artist Hanna Schaich, renown for autobiographical video and performance art and by the gay Marketing expert Manuel Klein. After many years of friendship, Gay / Lesbian search for meaning and many discussions regarding the STATUS QUO, we find, the world needs this trilogy.




FILM 03: freedom



Identifying as homosexuals we both had to develop our very own takes on trauma, identity and sense of belonging. The zeitgeist surrounding us in mainstream media paradoxically consists of an overload of rainbow flags and an simultaneous increase of homophobic attacks. The subculture in itself is busy outlining and highlighting their differences, instead of using this energy on finding common ground. Most painfully though, both of us know the feeling of holding a partner’s hand and being verbally abused for it - right in the middle of Berlin.


“How can we change the world out there?”

By using our differences as an advantage. By combining super powers to build a peaceful army. By never shutting the fuck up. We realised that our friendship is based on differences. Hanna the lesbian artist collaborating with Manuel the gay advertiser. Both with their very own views and skill sets. The energy for “worlds of desire” derives out of this unique unity.




When gay marriage became legal in Germany, some people were very vocal in saying this should be the end of the matter. The overwhelming sentiment was: “You got what you asked for – what more could you want?” This was back in 2017. Just two years later, the radio is flooded with reports that the number of attacks on gay, lesbian and trans people is rising (Source). What is going so wrong in the world out there? How is it that the very idea of “Other” can lead to so much resentment? This is why we’re escaping into a world governed by desire. Together, let’s lose ourselves in conceptual ideas, experience new things, rediscover old things and create a world where togetherness reigns. In film. Or, as so many people who don’t meet society’s definition of ‘normal’ do every single day: They celebrate, they challenge and they copulate [GR1] …



Hanna Schaich born in Bregenz, Austria. Lives in Berlin. Biographical milestones: MFA Fine Arts, Berlin, Post Grad Adv. Media Cert. performance and interactive media arts, Brooklyn, NYC. She has been awarded different residencies and fellowships (2019 BKA Media Arts Fellow, 2019 5x5 GO Fellow, DAAD Fellow, amongst others) . She has shown in galleries and other institutions nationally and internationally, most recently at Cinema Central (Berlin, DE), LLC Kunstraum (NYC), Zentrale (Vienna, AT), FokiaNou Art Space (Athens, GR), Galerie Hollenstein (Lustenau, AT), RAM galleri (Oslo, NO), Kunstraum Bethanien (Berlin, DE), and microscope gallery (NYC).


Manuel Klein born in Timisoara, Romania. Lives in Berlin. Biographical milestones: BA Business/Marketing in London and MA Communications in Berlin. Over ten years of advertising experience with focus on producing TV commercials. Self-employed for one year stressing communication consulting in advertising and in regards to LGBT topics as well as starting a production house.