Don’t be a stranger (no I won’t be) and then you leave

Feeling safe : Unsicherheit 0:1 

Holding on (to an Illusion?)


Don’t push me away (when you feel rejected) 1:1

show everyone what a babe you are


I take her 

into the Darkroom

I take her 

in the Darkroom

fist her 

she comes

i take her 


and cum

while (you) 

let her 

fuck you


i love you and want to be with you 

i feel emotionally dead (you say)

thanks for the good time we had 


Fuck you 

trade yourself in

bye bye

stop wanting to feel

stop feeling emotions 

isn’t that to feel dead?!


like a (bad) dream

you (will) disappear


sometimes love is not enough (you say)


(i disagree) love is not black and white connected to rage, desire, fear 

all the highs and lows being small and tall completely open and 



feeling (everything) 


the salt of the tears 

the laughter over fears 


should we run?

should we hide?

should we try and stay?

should we let things be?


connected (through pain)

we can slow down time 

so we can 

we will 

see the world again

full of love and affection