“Every person has their own identity. Identities can never be collective; otherwise people would be clones, not individuals.” Who, then, has the right to say anything about how ‘appropriate’ someone’s personal form of expression is? Despite this, public figures can’t help but express their own derogatory views (presumably based on identity profiling) on the self-determination of others. Whether in opposition to the right or within our own subculture: the individual is free to be who they want to be. Ultimately, we see how the characters remain unfazed by this hostility, show their inner self to the world – and open it up to us, too.



A Tomboy lesbian who defies sexism in the Sexdoll brothel and lives out her sexual emancipation as a woman. Two alleged contract killers who transform themselves into alien-like gods in the Berlin hotel room and create the world that does not exist outside.


Eine Tomboy-Lesbe, die sich im Sexdoll-Bordell über Sexismus hinwegsetzt und ihre sexuellen Emanzipation als Frau auslebt. Zwei vermeintliche Auftragskiller, die sich im Berliner Hotelzimmer in Alien-artige Götter verwandeln und sich die Welt schaffen, die es draußen nicht gibt.