Armed with the right to physical integrity and self-determination, it often seems problematic how brazen public opinion can be regarding the sexuality of individuals or entire groups of people – starting with the discussion on femininity and moving on to which sexual practices are considered normal and which ones are abnormal. Looking at it from a traditional German perspective, the sausage can be seen as a synonym for two things: first is the phrase “ist mir Wurst”, or “I don’t care”, and second is how it is representative of how men and women decide to use their bodily orifices. Using the sausage in an inappropriate way is a metaphorical middle finger aimed at those who love to say: “that’s just not done”. Open up, bitches!



Thanks to sausages, a group of 6 Queers discover their sexuality across all concepts of gender and identity in a suburban German allotment. 


Eine Gruppe aus 6 queeren Individuen, die ihre Geschlechts- und Identitäts-übergreifende Sexualität dank Bratwürsten im spießigen, Britzer Schrebergarten entdecken.