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HALLO out of Self Isolation! I hope you are doing OK wherever you are. Me, I am perfectly fine, well of course sometimes angry, scared, worried, sad,… but most of the times thinking about what we CAN and not what we can’t do. Some of you might know me, some maybe not, but that doesn’t matter (for now). I am not a crazy active Social Media Girrrl and also don’t want to bombard everyone with my daily thoughts, routines, etc. (though I do that with some, they are lucky of course).  So I figured this Format might be a good one. 


I guess a lot out there are going through a Rollercoaster so this Entries could be something u have for breakfast, lunch, as a daily or weekly dose, as an “Absacker", during frustrating and happy moments, alone or together, … (probably enough options). So those are for you: the lost and the found ones, the different ones, the open ones, the secure and insecure ones, the fragile, the angry and the brave ones, the loving and the caring ones, the hopeful and the hopeless ones,… Sure it's also for me, cause a daily task is something good to hang on to. Those entries might be about uniting, finding, failing, losing (yourself), gaining strength and power. I hope with the entries you can find yourselves in snippets, feel inspired, sometimes laugh, sometimes cry but mostly not to feel alone. I wish for you to take good care of yourself and the people you love and are in need, to be honest to yourself on how you feel, not get rid of yourself or swallow down your tears, reach out, ask for help! In the end I believe you are never too much! Wow, all of that already sounds like a love letter, and well it probably is one.


Since this is Day I I figured it would be good to find a Title. So I will dedicate this Day to finding one. Well, not all of my day, but!! 

Well, well, a start: WORDS OUT OF (SELF) ISOLATION (since there might be not only words THAT already feels like a limitation). Out of the lock down is probably misunderstanding, BUT would show my Talent in DEUNGLISH. So… also probably a NO. Lock down residency, Shut down residency, …  that is kind of on the nose and feels very boring. So more edgy I guess. INTIMACY PROTOCOL - actually not that bad and a good one (for now). Feels eternal and probably fits the Style. Hm. Well, Yes and No. Hanna ejaculates thoughts HA!! OR HANNA’S EJACULATING THOUGHTS. YAS! That is workable. I mean not in the: that I ejaculate ALL the time before my thoughts, though THIS topic will for sure get an Entry by itself!!! Well, actually female ejaculation deserves MORE than one Entry. Oh yeah, squirting is soooo good for you! But before I lose myself in this Topic and my Squirting Piece, back to the Title. So where was I? Ah ja, HANNA’S EJACULATING THOUGHTS!!!!!! I guess that needs an Add on, and some shaping. WHY? Because I love Commas (That you probably know by now) and subtitles and words and well ,… So, here we go: Hanna ejaculating thoughts. An internal monologue (during shut down). Yep, that feels right, might change, but for now, Hello FIRST ENTRY!!!


Stay healthy and until tomorrow,

love hanna


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