Hanna Schaich (*1986)  is a Queer Performance and Multimedia-artist living and working in Berlin. Post Grad. (2017) Performance and interactive Media Arts, Brooklyn College, Nyc; MFA (2015) Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee. Hannas works deal with the individual search for identity, the body, the loneliness of existence and with the numerous possibilities for dialogue between us humans. The writings and voice-overs ask questions about our individual strategies to encounter life and are  based on an uncompromising, touching openness. At the center is the confrontation with the innermost self and the attempt to build bridges from there to the outside world, to enter into a dialogue with others. The videos reflect working along the lines between documentation and fiction, commentary and staging. The most recent works are characterised by the processing of autobiographical trauma (sexual abuse, violence, forced institutionalisation) and the focus on being alive, regaining lust and breaking free from social coercive norms. Hanna isinvestigating current topics and is  looking for closeness, lust and connection it is about finding points of contact,  common ground ;  seeing the potential in “otherness” and fighting for the acceptance of it. Hanna is known for video, installation, poetry and performance art.


 She has shown in galleries and other institutions nationally and internationally, most recently at: excentricofest (Chile), Porn Film Festival Berlin 2020; Porn Film Festival Wien 2020; Vienna Poetry Film Festival; LLC Kunstraum (NYC), Zentrale (Vienna, AT), FokiaNou Art Space (Athens, GR), Galerie Hollenstein (Lustenau, AT), RAM galleri (Oslo, NO), Kunstraum Bethanien (Berlin, DE), and microscope gallery (NYC). She has received awards and grants, such as DIS-TANZ Solo (2021), #takecare, Fonds Darstellende Künste, Berlin (2021), START STIPENDIUM Media Arts Fellow (2019), 5×5 GO (2019), DAAD Fellow (2016). Works belong to the collection of the Vorarlberg Museum and private collections.


2017                  Post. Grad. Adv. Media Certificate, Brooklyn College , NYC

2016-17            Student at Brooklyn College, (performance and interactive media arts), NYC

2015                  Master's apprentice of professor Else (Twin) Gabriel, Weißensee School of Art, Berlin

2014                  M.F.A. Weißensee School of Art, Berlin Professor Else (twin) Gabriel und Janet Biggs (external)

2009-14            Student at the Weißensee School of Art, Berlin (fine arts/sculpture)


Grants (selection)

2022 Researchgrant, Fonds Darstellende Künste, Berlin

2022 Post Production Grant, The state government department of Vorarlberg for Arts and Culture

2021 Researchgrant, Berliner Senat

2021 TravelGrant, Berliner Senat

2021 Stipendium für Tanz und Performance 2021, bmkoes

2021 DIS-TANZ-SOLO, Dachverband Tanz Deutschland 

2021 #takecare, Fonds Darstellende Künste, Berlin

2020 Produktionsstipendium, Gaywatch* Berlin Edition

2020 Project Grant (HANNA EJACULATING THOUGHTS),The state government department of Vorarlberg for Arts and Culture

2020 AIR,, Barcelona, Spain

2019 START STIPENDIUM Media Arts Fellow, Sektion II Kunst und Kultur Abteilung II/6 

2019 5x5 GO Fellow, Amt der Vorarlberger Landesregierung Bereich „Bildende u. Angewandte Kunst“

2019 Project GrantThe Austrian Federal Chancellery Division II: Arts and Culture

2018 Production and Travel Grant, The state government department of Vorarlberg for Arts and Culture

2018 Travel Grant, Austrian Cultural Forum New York

2018 AIR, Nid Art Colony, The state government department of Vorarlberg for Arts and Culture

2018 Project GrantThe Austrian Federal Chancellery Division II: Arts and Culture

2018 Project GrantThe state government department of Vorarlberg for Arts and Culture

2018 Residency, “Cuts and Burns Residency”, OUTPOST Artists Resources, Ridgewood, NY

2017 Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt 

2016 DAAD Scholarship for Grad Students in Fine Arts for the United States of America

2015 PROMOS Work and Travelgrant

2014 Mart Stam Prize

2013 Residency, “Cuts and Burns Residency”, OUTPOST Artists Resources, Ridgewood, NY

2011 Scholarship for “performance-class" led by Katrina Daschner, summeracademy,  Salzburg


Solo exhibitions 

 2021 INTIMACY PROTOCOL, HR.FLEISCHER, Halle, DE // 2019 “Dear Darkness” Let it Bleed, Berlin, DE // 2018 “A KISS AWAY FROM REALITY” zentrale; Wien, AT // 2018  “THE PATH AHEAD” Kiosk, LT // 2017 “A WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE” Galerie Hollenstein, Lustenau, AT // 2015 “HANNA SCHAICH” RAM galleri, Oslo, NO // 2014 “TAKING OVER” Kunst-und Kulturverein Werkstadt, Berlin, DE // 2013  “Slow motion for take away” Schillerpalais, Berlin, DE


Group exhibitions, Screenings and Performances (selection) 



The more the merrier Porn Shorts, PFFB, DE // BUCHAREST PRIDE // dotdotdot // Theaternatur Festival //San Francisco PornFilmFestival // POST PXRN FESTIVAL WARSAW // Kurzfilmfestival Volkskundemuseum wien, AT // AthensPFF, Athen, GR, // Gay*Watch Berlin, Queermuseum, Wien, AT // “Sensual Loyalty“, backhaus Projects,Berlin, DE // DIAMETRALE, AT // SMUT FESTIVAL, Antwerpen, BEL // “Gay*Watch Berlin“, PFF VIENNA // “HackerPornfilmfestival“, Rom, IT // Filmriss, ENDMORÄNE, Berlin, DE //Sex, Art, Cash, luxstudioberlin, Berlin //  “QUEER Filmmaker Night“ Tipsy Bear, Berlin // “FEMSEX FESTIVAL“, Frankfurt, DE // DIAMETRALE, Innsbruck, AT //  RTALIN + Queer Post-Erotica Berlin shorts, Communitism, Athens


“Desire and Revolt“, Outpost Artists Resources, NYC // GAY*WATCH”, Queerfilmfestival Weimar, DE // “WOD 1" Teiresias & Pegasus Shorts Programme, AthensPFF, GR // Gay*watch Berlin, Offizielle Selektion Berlin Porn Film Festival 2021, DE // Paratext#55, hangar, Barcelona, Spanien // “Worlds of Desire 2”, excentricofest, Chile // “Political Porn Shorts“ Schikaneder, Vienna, AT


“A Selection of Artists From Recent Residencies” curated by Outpost Artists Resources, NYC // “Worlds of Desire II”, Offizielle Selektion Berlin Porn Film Festival 2020, DE // “The nakedness calls for a change”, Winning Poem, Berlinable, Berlin, DE //“Worlds of Desire 1+2”, Official Selection Pornfilmfestival Vienna 2020,  AT //  “Unrealized Projects”, feldfuenf, Berlin, DE


“ROOM NO 504”, Kino Central, Berlin, DE  // “400 000 MAL in COMPETITION II - AUSTRIA”, Vienna Poetry Film Festival, Metro Kino, Vienna, AT  //  “FUTUR III” Kunstfestival 48 Stunden Neukölln, KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Berlin, DE  // “Kunstankäufe Land Vorarlberg” galerieallerArt, Bludenz, AT // “Videolands” MOMus, Experimental Center for the Arts, Thessaloniki, GR // “Contemporary Art Ruhr, Photo/Media Art Fair, Welterbe Zollverein, Essen, DE


"Going Beyond" Group exhibition, LLC Kunstraum, Brooklyn, NY // "Take a Number, Night Screenings – Temporäre Räume für neue Erzählungen" feldfuenf, curated by  Marenka Krasomil In cooperation with n.b.k. and Clemens von Wedemeyer / Expanded Cinema, HGB Leipzig., Berlin, DE // "Return", Kino Central, Berlin, DE // “Dance: poses, movements and short narratives”curated by Margarita Stavraki, Kinitiras Choreography Lab, Athens //  "From zero to infinity!", Video Art Miden, Kalamata, GR  // "the potential in being different mit Danielle Pamp,  Zentrale, Wien, AT //  "LAVA AVANT GARDE FILMFESTIVAL", Krakau, PL  // "Fragments of a story// "curated by Margarita Stavraki, FokiaNou Art Space; Athens, GR


"THE KENT PROJEKT"  Kent Theater, NYC //  "Gestures & Junctures, Questions & Quotes", Sideshow gallery, NYC  // "FUTURISTS DO IT THEMSELVES", The Deep End, NYC //  "DAAD", Deutsche Botschaft, NYC


 "CAKE!" Live Performance mit Patrick Berger, Sabine Blaizine, Miguel Valderrrama , Alo Gazpore, New Theater, NYC  // "TAKING UP SPACE" Live Performance mit Kaija Matiss and Clareese Hill, Times Square, NYC // "THE MAKING OF THE UNREALISED" Group exhibition, KREUZBERG PAVILLON, Berlin, DE //  "UM-SCHALTEN-Aktuelle Videokunst" artkontext 1, Hoyerswerda, DE


 "A STATE OF MIND"  Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, DE //  "HAUT NIVEAU" Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin, DE //  "Muggesturm am Müggelsee", Galerie Alte Schule, Berlin, DE  // "Fucking, Andy, Eden, Techno, Disco" Group exhibition, moe.contemporary, Wien, AT


"GATEKEEPING" Galerie Hollenstein, Lustenau, AT  // "High Tide", WestGermany, Berlin, DE // "Hysteria"  SOMA ART GALLERY, Berlin, DE

 //"Idiorrhythmie - ein Experiment" Screening, Frappant, Hamburg, DE  // "Reif", Kühlhaus, Berlin, DE // "NY Trilogie" WestGermany, Berlin, DE  //"Evelyn" Festival Nomination for International Short Film Award, backup_festival, Weimar, DE


"Janet Biggs und Hanna Schaich"  microscope gallery, NYC  // "Gifts of spiritual writing" von Ron Athey, Participant Inc, NYC  // "Pool" KHB Weißensee, Berlin, DE  // " Evelyn, Camp1_Festival for Film and Performance, Halle, DE


"WHITE SHARK" Ballhaus OST, Berlin, DE //  "A RETROSPECTIVE OF TOMORROW’S ARTISTS" curated by Karin Anzivino und Ferial Karrasch, Schillerpalais, Berlin, DE //  "Stadtleuchten", Akademie für interdisziplinäre Prozesse, Frankfurt am Main, DE //  "Nachklang", Foyer der KHB-Weißensee, Berlin, DE


 "VIDEOLOOP", Alte Saline Hallein, AT  // "3mal1 Polaroids" Ballhaus Ost, Berlin, DE  // "Junge Kunst im Stadtbad Steglitz" Group exhibition , Berlin, DE  // "Lange Nacht der Bilder" Alte Giesserei, Berlin, DE  // "Cafe Schönstedt im Rahmen von 48h Neukölln" Berlin, DE


"LOCALIZE - Das Heimatfestival" Potsdam, DE  // "B/W and a red carpet" in collaboration with Birgit Severin, Forgotten Bar Galerie, Berlin, DE



Vorarlberg Museum, private collections in New York, Brooklyn, Vienna, Berlin, Bregenz