HD, single-channel-video, color, sound, 05:04 min



The modern world is becoming smaller, developing into a world of global networks. In it we are always on the move, seeking to expand, not only by stretching out our arms, but by grabbing things: We are constantly seeing what we could desire. We are taking the fast lane and not much can catch up with us. But sometimes the past pulls us back and we look at the rear lights of our own existence. We perceive crosslinks, former compounds: possibilities that are now no longer viable – however they are, it seems, appearing right before our eyes. But they are not more – in the double sense of the word – than a souvenir: something that is part of us only indirectly, but whose existence we easily can locate geographically and within time. Surrounded by memorabilia we are constantly looking for ways to incorporate them into the current self. But as our world
becomes a dense network and at the same time a world of continuous overlap with ourselves – it requires a continuous translation process that is always associated with the fear of not being able to determine our current position. »I can hear
them talk. I do not understand them.« Schaich exhibits the conditions of this self-localisation. She questions and problematises this operation of translation.


Text: Christopher Gripp
Music: Luigi Acidmachine