3-single-channels, color, sound



In her New York trilogy Hanna Schaich takes us on a journey to one of the worst imaginable worlds: a world where both passion and desire are absent. Deep inside the urban machinery we are confronted with routines arousing a feeling of finality - an empty portrayal of discipline and adaptability of bodies in motion. The initial dystopia is taken over by close-ups of a secluded environment. We see animals or athletes following an inner urge of gratification, using tools, where necessary, to attain it: a basher to goal, wings to swim or force to set a side competitors. The imagery convinces with its sheer physicality, hinting to us that overcoming one’s own shortcomings is possible. Accompanied by the option of temporary escape: Techno music inviting us to endure what we have just encountered, receiving momentary pleasure. So in the end we get a glimpse of what could be described as hope. The three pieces take the ordinary out of its closet to transform it into a grand story along with deeply personal insights of the artist’s life.


Text: Manuel Klein