Installation, 500 color photographies 


Edition of 3, plus 2 APs 





We all share a need for someone or something. 

That need is the bottom line of this project.

The Piece is about lost and found memories, something we want or are looking for. 
We want memories, and memories remind us of what we want. 
Our deepest scars are carved by loss or absence of desire. 

And desire can be forgotten but must be remembered.




The project is for:
My lady, my divorced husband, my male darling, my second halves, cats that soaked up tears, lost souls, addicts, suicide committers, killers, tricks, bodies I fucked, Johns, one night stands.
It is for: You who ground me, You who take care of me, You who give me back my confidence and strength, You who inspire me, You who accompany me, You who allow me ...


Everyone has his or her own story to tell. My story is connected to ignorance, distrust, cheating, scars, silent childhood memories, addiction, unfulfilled desires, cheap sex in dark, back rooms, therapies, prostitution, beauty, pain, commitment, and open relationships. Without all the ups and downs, fights, conversations, exchanges, obsessions, depressions, maniacs, passions, relationships, rehabs, pushes, helping hands, shoulders to cry on, bodies to fuck, empty moments, losses, searches, time that passed by … I would never be where I am now. Here. In New York City.



The Project started with 500 business cards.

Each “Hanna” Card included my info and a photo of me. I gave them to people I met. I wrote a tiny personal note on each card and asked for something in return.

In exchange for a Business Card Hanna, I got beautiful things. To name a few: a kiss, a key to a rooftop, drinks, food, songs, poems, open ears, a flat to live in, a skateboard ...

The things I received in return touched and moved me. They prompted me to remember people who had given me things in my past, so I started to dedicate HANNAS all over the world. Not only to people and alive, also to my dead aunt, my dead cat, …

Pain and beautiful memories came back.

While walking through NYC every time I remembered a moment connected to someone I took a picture.

During my walks I listened to a lot of music and started to make connections to people/moments through music.