1, 2, 3, 123, 1., 2., 3., 

Wake, drink, eat, ejaculate

Where are you girl? Lost in wonder land? Wondering for wonders? 

Are you scared? Are you hopeful? Are you in need?

Isolated? A mirror of the time we build?!

Over stuffed, over eaten, over worked, over consumed.

Eating up - bodies and souls

Gasping for air.

Your head nervous

Your mind restless

Your body that falls, falls apart

The gaze you desire

The words that you miss 

The touch you are lacking

The insecurity you own



1, 2, 3, 123, 1., 2., 3.,

Nap, wake, ejaculate

How are you my love? How fast and deep do you fall? What do you need to rise?

How to fight, even when it’s difficult, when values are robed? What do you long for?

How to act when you get there? Run and hide or stay and strip naked?


Waves washing the traces away

Drowning into deep blue water 

She takes the needle 

We have to cut, cut it open

I am scared

You’ll be fine, just hold still

One, two - fail.

Two, three - fail.

Three four - Falling into a tunnel.

Trying to get up the stairs

Faces without bodies

Headless beasts

I fly. Am I dead? 

I become water, am made out of water, I hear myself scream and…


Bodies merge with red lights, shadows collapse into feelings

Small, medium, large? Everything and… 


I dive into, everything melts, towards and away from me 

Dicks fidgeting full of lust

Your clit over Mine

And then we dance, packed with lust

Reflections of Orgasms

Wolves, foxes, coyotes, when the night comes we are off the leash, looking for retribution

Water over my face.


1, 2, 3, 123, 1., 2., 3., 

I got you Babe. I know what you want, know what you need 

Your lips against mine My pussy so wet Bitch top femme dyke bottom butch

Please fuck me, fuck me in the ass, you take the harness and the double strap On, gently push my shoulders down, choke me, lick me, hold me, deeper, faster, fuck me hard, harder, soft, softer 

I turn you around, Your pussy so wet, I bite and choke you, fuck you from behind your clit seems endless your breasts are restless We merge, my fist inside your body you lick the hairs of my pit I grab your neck, our closeness makes me weightless, we merge into one, one rhythm, I wait, grab your hips, and then together we cum


A make over Unimposing tracks  Expecting a shift into clarity

A silver bullet slays my demon

I let go of whatever I am grasping, whatever kept me from rising or falling so far

Caught between terror and joy  

The wound open (again) the blood flows like an endless river

A gaping wound of shredded flesh and shattered bone

Feeling (everything) 

The salt of the tears, the laughter over fears

Caught between order and chaos

The fire reaches out, I swallow, try to swim out of it and dive into complete darkness. 

Forever lost?! 

I hold you tighter you fall back, fall back asleep

I stay awake don’t can’t want to fall asleep, want to be in every second, feel every heartbeat 

I observe our shadows feel your skin on my skin, your skin so soft i know you like it when I touch your neck, go down your back I close my eyes and see your smile you moan I hold you tighter you turn towards me your nose so close to mine, I hold my breath, try not to sneeze your hand holds on, holds on to my shoulder bone thats what you do, even when you sleep, my bone becomes a mountain a stone, your strength shows my strength and my strength shows yours, I grin, gently brush your strand of hair off your face, you are killing my skin everything in between smashed

Is it getting worse or just uncovered? 

The nakedness calls for a new desire. 

Releasing and understanding that we can choose what we desire. 

The chaos and power of deepest feelings 

Overcoming distrust and the confused. 

Let’s smash the system defined by profit rather than need. 

Let’s leave male versions of power behind. 

I stay and explore, Feel in doing, a power for change 




Chaos and Fire 

A conscious Decision 

A need for sharing 

A wish for bridges based on honesty 

A longing for togetherness 

A coexistence of diversity and acceptance of the “Other” 

Accepting my deepest cravings 

The nakedness calls for change, calls for connection 

A future that is based on longing and needs 

A place where we act as our true selves

Where there is no shame 

Where we are not too much 

Where the love we need is not too much 

Where we share our deepest cravings, hopes and fears

Where we choose Intimacy, Integrity and Love


1, 2, 3, 123, 1., 2., 3., - I got you Babe  

(and fall asleep on your breasts)