Killing my layers, 2023

I put my hands on your body that remote ocean I feel the warmth and at the same time I see your body unwrap from the layers I am consumed by the way your body occupies transient space Your lips against mine You gently push my shoulders down, choke me, suck me, hold me, spit at me, slap me, deeper, faster, harder, softer I bite and choke you, slap you, fuck you Your body seems endless, your breath restless We merge, my fist inside you I grab your neck, our closeness makes me weightless, we merge into one I wait, grab your hips, and together we cum You reach up around my neck to draw me nearer I hold you tight you fall, fall asleep I stay awake Don’t Can’t Want to fall asleep, want to be in every second, feel every heartbeat I observe our shadows feel your skin on mine, i know you like it when I touch your neck, go down your back I close my eyes and feel your smile I hold you tighter You turn towards me Your nose touches mine, I hold my breath, try not to sneeze Your hand holds on, holds on to my shoulder bone thats what you do, even when you sleep, my bone becomes a mountain -  a stone, your strength shows my strength and my strength shows yours, I gently brush your strand of hair off your face, you are killing my layers and everything in between unwraps All the way beyond its ending If I could have my lips fused with yours forever I would