HD, 1-Kanal-Video, 07:11 min, Farbe, Ton, 2020


Summer 2020, Berlin. I get manic during a global pandemic. Repression, excessive demands. Does everything repeat itself? Caught in the loop? Lockdown, slowdown, lockdown, ...


How do we deal with it? Yes, each in their own way. From lethargy to hope, with crows, fear, anger, protests — a rainbow of feelings. A desire to “go back”, to have the “old” freedom, but curious and hopeful about the new. We protest the chaos away, rear up, fall into deep sleep, masturbate and CUM. Hello ambivalence.


“Taking it day by day" but when you then can no longer focus, when everything becomes too much, from inside and outside, what do we do then? Focus, but on what? And if, as in my case, the "bipolarity kicks in" then everything is without a filter. But isn't everything a mania and depression? A high and a low? A constant sensory overload, like the media and interests. The video work is loud and colourful, a witness of the times, filmed in Berlin, spring/summer 2020.