400 000 TIMES

HD, single-channel-video, color, sound, 04:36 min


Edition of 5 with 2 APs


Desire. Trapped in a routine. Searching for this one feeling. To be free once. As humans, we have created sites supposedly ending this search. The search becomes an addiction. Can become addiction. Addicted to money, to become someone else. To be someone else. Feelings as if you had won the jackpot. Adrenalin. Flying. A life with shiny wings, which carry us anywhere. Back to us. Back to the real sense of being. Hanna sends out an invitation that allows us to be anything. Because we already carry all of it with us. Lengths of DNA streams permitting us to travel the universe or at least to long for it. An insatiable desire for more. The yearning for the ego. To be.

Text: Manuel J. Klein





Would you remove the DNA double strand of any human cell and would hold one single strand to a measuring tape, you would come to a length of about 2 meters. The entire DNA according to this calculation, a human being would have an incredible length of 150 billion kilometers. “Almost 400,000 times from earth to the Moon, 1,000 times from Earth to the Sun, and when we are 7 million, we can bridge the Milky Way, „says the artist in the sound track of her piece,  refering in the figurative sense of the range and possibilities of Humanity: „So many possibilities, so many wishes. and someday something will become true. A thought that is contrasted in its naivety on the image level by a String of artificial and natural adventure landscapes: Amusement City Atlantic City, a jump from the ParkInn Hotel on Berlin‘s Alexanderplatz  Places that fulfil wishes and supposedly have commercialised authentic experiences.

Text: Claudia Voit