48° 9′ 55″ N, 16° 19′ 38″ E

HD, single-channel-video, color, sound, 04:11 min



The realm of the dead presents itself to us, worldly beings, most often marblesque and surrounded by walls. The cemetary inducing thanatophobic thrusts in mortals. The surving dependants do, however, in an anal manner nourish and cherish the little grave gardens. This is what you expect, when the film at hand kicks off with a young woman, holding a yellow watering pot, enters the sun-kissed cemetary. It is based in a Viennese suburb, as the geodata in the title suggests. Her intention, though, is not to water plants, but to cover a yet to be assigned space with a towel and start sunbathing. The use of the time lapse camera suggests the bath's abundance. To leave the descriptive layer in describing the piece is difficult. What remains to be said: an ironic, young lady's slice of life, accompanied by the concert waltz „Wiener Blut“ and the alleged oration to a lifeless place (?):Wiener Blut,[...] Du erhebst, /Du belebst /Unser'n Mut! Wiener Blut, /Wiener Blut! /Was die Stadt /Schönes hat, /In dir ruht! /Wiener Blut, /Heiße Flut! /Allerort /Gilt das Wort: /Wiener Blut!“ ??


Text: Manuel Klein

Music: Johann Strauss; Wiener Blut