On Feinwäsche, DIY, fashion or in short Procrastination

Well, well, DAY II and the pressure is high. I mean, when I thought about all the things that I am gonna write, I had this Genius Plan, well of course I still have that but today is important. I mean its the start of a start!!! So to set the pressure high I will pretend I write for an audience of millions, well no, maybe a thousands. Though it honestly feels already amazing not knowing how many and who is readying this (I got some really cute messages yesternight, thanks for that!). So Masterpiece Hanna, MASTERpiece, what was it you wanted to write about? And what is a Blog? Aren’t Blogs often about fashion? I guess some yes, but my Input for today’s fashion would be changing from a Blue Jogging trouser into a Grey One. I guess that’s something!! AND the trousers look pretty decent, but not worth a fashion blog entry. NO worries I also wear different stuff in self Isolation, … A black one!!!! But yeah, the fashion entry is kind of done with that. 


So before getting to wild just remind yourself HANNA write a Blog entry today! Well actually I want to share something else before I write this Blog Entry. SO, my BODY decided to transform. YES, yesterday she did!! I guess my BODY was a bit bored and decided: HEY I wanna play a Role-play. Honestly I didn’t have much of a choice, BODY decided: I want to be on a Ship and want to be a Pirate. I tried to argue and ask questions like: WHY THE FUCKING HELL a Pirate??? I don’t feel like one and also don’t feel emotional attached to that, but before I could argue on a decent level and go down the road of compromises like, yeah lets do something related to Water, why not, let’s maybe work on this DRAG KING Performance connected to the watch of Bay [Mental Note: Deserves Entry: David Hannahoff and gay*watch] No worries I KNOW you want to read more about that, I will get to that later BUT today I really need to write this Second Blog entry, so no time for that. And then BODY was like: I don’t care what you want OR about your Blogging Career: I WANT TO PLAY NOW. Well and BODY did so, so here we go: She got her wish and created A GERSTENKORN!!!!! Bitch!!! - well actually smart one, so Body:Mind 1:0. She got her wish.


So here we Go: DIY-Eyepatch: Step one, go into your bathroom and wish that you still have WATTEPADS (If not, well magazines, newspaper, any kind of surface would probably do) BUT I recommend something soft. If you are lucky enough to find WATTEPADS you need to attach, lets call it “Patch” to Body. I would NOT recommend GAFFA (though I love GAFF!!!! A  friend once said: “GAFFA Hält die Welt zusammen” and fuck yeah she is so right, though i think Kabelbinder deserve that too, such good “together holders” or “together stickers” or “together hangers”??? Does that make sense? Anyway, where was I? Ah ja, I NEED to write an Entry AHH and finish my DIY eyepatch. So yes, attacher! In my case I decided to go for yellow, and a simple attacher, but GO WILD IN COLOR AND FORM, from X to stars to different colors. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE HERE. (I don’t take any responsibilities though  I mean if you use glue or other stuff that would be on you) For inspiration see pic below. 


Shezus, Hanna ENTRY, you have to write this ENTRY! I feel so tired now though I probably should take a TINY Nap, yes that’s what I am gonna do, but after that I REALLY DO HAVE TO WRITE. Ah make a Mental Note: Reach out to Prof. F. to schedule an Interview Date!!


So well, well, THAT NAP never happened and it’s almost sunset, … but to go back in time. I left to take a Nap and passed by my Winter Jacket and saw THAT really big SPOT on there. I tried to figure out when and where I got that on my Jacket, was it Blood or Dirt or ??? I guess some of you know those nights, when you wake up in the morning next to your (or other piles of clothes) in either your (or another apartment) and try to reconstruct WHAT THE FUCK happened the night before. I guess that Spot came from one of those nights. It’s good to have an emergency contact for nights like this. [Mental Note: Deserves entry, ON (MIS) COMMUNICATION subtitle problematico, dramatico, complicado, language skills hej]

I figured it’s good to have one of this E-contacts (luckily someone offered it to me, I guess for good reasons, to spare him the Dramas afterwards) in case you decide (well in my case) to share every emotion, every little detail, every plan with for example your Ex or your current lover, ... and THAT never works out well. 


But wait, where was I again, yeah this jacket, so I decided to get rid of those traces BUT how the fucking hell to wash this jacket???? And what the hell is the difference btw. FEINWÄSCHE and HANDWÄSCHE when all the settings are THE SAME. So the journey started, back to my computer, searching engine and trying to find a solution to my washing problem and yeah, well then,… one thing lead to the other, from washing, to motorbikes (the jacket is a motorbike jacket) over a research on speed and engines, music related to biking and, … so at some point I reminded myself to GO AND Wash THIS thing and THEN write your Entry. But after hours of research I still DIDN’T know how to wash it. So well, ask for help I said to myself and then TAKE ACTION so I reach out and then the next Drama started!! Together we walked through the process and I finally pressed the WASH Button BUT then she drew my attention to the PET HAIR REMOVAL function on the machine. I mean THAT is a sign, I need a Pet!!!!!!!!! 


Well then I lost myself in looking for cats but since I LOVE Penguins, side note Penguins are just so fucking amazing, I mean they fall down stand up ASAP, and, … [Mental Note: Deserves entry, ON COMMUNITY and the beauty of Penguins]. 


So lost again: Pet research, to penguin outfits for Pets (and found some weird and strange outfits, WOW! - to calm me down I had to watch penguin videos) and then I figured HOW LATE it already is and I didn’t do anything I planed for today!! Heart Race high!!! -To slow down I had to go for a walk and well, yeah, now it’s night, and I am hungry, and…

SO promise for tomorrow: I will change EVERYTHING, get up early, will plan better, and ejaculate more structured (is that even possible?!) BUT HEJ I have a clean Winter Jacket - I mean THAT is something!!!!!! 


Until tomorrow, 

love hanna