FEELING TROPICAL or “Sisyphus” work

A good and lovely sunset evening. A typical, Non typical Sunday it was, well, actually still is. (I lost completely track of days during the week, but today weirdly I remembered!) Sunday is always a weird day for me, I either hide and work or dance the day and night away. I guess it’s this weird atmosphere attached to it, this family-day this: we have to do something nice, go for a walk, do brunches (So that you know, I HATE brunches, I just don’t get it why you want to sit and eat for hours surrounded by crying kids?! I mean breakfast-OK, Lunch-Why Not, Drinks-Si claro, Dinner-Sure, Snacks-Why Not, BUT Brunch!!!! Reminder: don’t be judgmental Hanna, BUT… ) 

Anyway so back to the day, it was one of those, doing applications, cleaning and taxes (yeah sounds fun, no?) day. Well sure in between coffee (overdose), cigarettes (Lots of!! - I mean taxes!!), water, eating, talking, working, sit up-sit down-stretch-bend over-masturbate, …


Until the afternoon my most exciting thing was drinking this so called: FEELING TROPICAL like a FLAMINGO Smoothie (And doing millions of selfies with it). I don’t think I either feel tropical OR like a Flamingo (how do they feel anyway?? do those advertiser know how they feel??? So of course I had to do a search for: Are flamingos feeling tropical? Well, it just brought up stuff like: Good mood DIY’s on cactus, flamingos and pineapples???!!! I am SO confused!!! I should probably write the company about their research regarding to that!)

AHHH that reminds me I also have to write to THIS Seifenblasen Company!! So! I bought those  soap bubbles because it said UNICORN BUBBLES on it, BUT!!!!!! then only NORMAL FUCKING SEIFENBLASEN!!!!!!!!!!! came out NOT!!!!!!!!! UNICORN BUBBLES!!!!!!! I mean!!!!!!

But good, back to the tropical feeling or transforming into a Flamingo: Well, the color is, I have to say, actually cool BUT the flavour, … I felt more like throwing up, or drinking a massive amount of liquid cherry chewing gum. And is THAT feeling tropical?! I guess then I don’t want to feel like that EVER Again!!!!! Na ja.


But back to this exciting day. YES taxes are nothing to get too excited about and I also don’t feel too excited about cleaning, to be honest, I mean I don’t mind doing laundry, but this Hoover and swiping thing, NOT my thing. But then the day transformers and this GENIUS thoughts crossed my mind on how to continue with the storyboard of our planned “gay*watch queer porn", and Buttermilch Labels (more to that later) and designs for Worlds of Desire and writings and … So yeah HELLO Compensation!!!! OF COURSE starting EVERYTHING at once, I mean the thoughts have to transform into Action, ALL OF THEM right NOW and at the same time! SO, well now my apartment looks like super chaos, not like before cleaning, more like even worse than before. So maybe, deep down in my soul is this fear, that after cleaning there is nothing more to do, maybe I am scared of getting bored and so I just start to create Chaos again. But I mean, since the next weeks are in Shut Down anyway, I guess it’s good to find a new hobby: cleaning, chaos, cleaning the chaos, cleaning,  chaos, cleaning the chaos, … I mean THAT is Something. So dear Sun(day)Seters I will go back to compensate.


A good Start into the week (in and out of chaos).

love hanna