naked fragments or to a future that is based on honesty and needs

Good evening beloved ones out there. I hope you had a good start into the week. I ended in chaos so why not beginning with chaos. Yesternight I feel asleep while reading an essay about Erotic, the greek eros. So today I felt inspired to write. I normally need some time to get into the mood and some time ago I started this naked writing routine. I have the feeling I am more attached and vulnerable. So those fragments came out today that I will now share with you. 

Let’s call it:

The nakedness calls for change or to a future that is based on longing and needs

Where are you girl? Lost in wonder land? Wondering for wonders? Wishing for a change?

Are you scared? Are you hopeful? Are you in need? Isolated?

A mirror of the time we build? Over stuffed, over eaten, over worked, over consumed.

Eating up - bodies and souls. Denying needs. Gasping for air.

Your head nervous. Your mind restless. Your body that falls, falls apart. The touch that you are lacking. 

The gaze you desire. The words that you miss. The insecurity you own.


How are you my love? How fast and deep do you fall? What do you need to rise?

How can the world be truly different? How do you continue your work?

How to fight, even when it’s difficult, when values are robed? What do you long for?

How to act when you get there? Run and hide or stay and strip naked?

The chaos and power of deepest feelings. Overcoming distrust and the confused.

Let’s smash the system defined by profit rather than need. Let’s leave male versions of power behind.

I stay and explore, Feel in doing, a power for change

Satisfaction Rising up Empowered Chaos and fire 

A conscious decision

A need for sharing 

A wish for bridges based on honesty 

A longing for togetherness

A  coexistence of diversity and acceptance of the “Other” 

Accepting my deepest cravings

Observing white flakes in a snow globe

The nakedness calls for change, calls for connection 

A future that is based on longing and needs

Where there is no shame

Where we are not too much

Where the love we need is not too much

Where we share our deepest cravings, hopes and fears. 

Where we say yes and choose Intimacy, Integrity and Love.


Good night and good dreams whenever you collapse, 

love hanna