Sehnsuchtsorte, Speed maniac, Pink Moon, Tiramisu or time and space Wrap

Hey, I am a super late bird today, but hey, Vollmond and  so I had a spiritual time wrap day. 

As you might know for now I have different people in my life I ejaculate with. Today was my beloved friend and partner in, well a lot of things, morning video phone update (and that dialogue continued well, yes until NOW) . Since it was a private ejaculation I will not get into details BUT some thoughts regarding to video chats in generalcame up - cause there is potential in going to spaces that you normally wouldn’t. So think about putting your video partner into for example your washing machine or your fridge. I mean how often do you go to your friends place and chat in the fridge? SEE, NEVER!!!!! Other options would sure be Wandtapeten (as seen in NK some days ago). Sometime ago, please don’t ask me why, I was obsessed about getting a Palmen Wandtapete (thankfully I never did it!!!!!!!!!), I guess I was lucky enough that most of the “Artistic” Tapeten are really unbelievable horrible!!! Form there I went from sitting in a Tiramisu-Video Chat into a lemon squeezed water Chat, and then to the moon and then I understood that the sun is a RACER- A SPEED MANIAC!!!!!!, was in Fleischwolfs Worlds, tarot images and yeah, now I probably soon collapse to enter into a different world, the dream one,  but am excited to share today in detail tomorrow. 


Sweet dreams,

love hanna