On small successes and the beauty in failure

A beautiful and lovely evening, I know you are super excited to hear the details about yesterday, and you will get some insights! But let’s start with today: so when I went outside people stared at me and I wondered if they think I misunderstood C, cause I wore my eyepatch?! Aber “der Augenverfall der Hanna S.”  shouldn’t be the topic of today!!! Because I feel the need to tell you a snippet out of yesterday. That the sun ist “eine Raserin” still makes me smile and the “spiritual” journey is something I feel like writing about. The journey was connected to the moon, and to ships and swords, water, coins and well ähm fisting?! I was reading cards with my SP and didn’t have a question in mind, but the cards decided the question for me.  So the “three of swords” or Conscious Love Card it was. Besides of my disagreement about the interpretation that a guy trys to save a woman (I still stick to mine - two women) is a beautiful powerful card. It talks about strength, not giving up and being authentic and on decisions that YOU make! And well yes about facing inner demons. From there it went to the unconscious and that was a Vulva Card!!!!!!!! (and this is not a joke, it said so, I mean!!!!!!!) and a card about autobiography. I guess I am gonna let you freely interpretate on this combination and let your Fantasie flow, and will not get to wild about all the worlds I traveled into then.  


I feel like for tonight, I want to leave you with the first and the last card,  the one that is pointing towards the future. It was a “Balance Sheet” and about believing in yourself and what you are capable of, about the importance in realising destiny and SMALL (my add on) successes that show you are on the right track BUT also about the importance of failure. I know for myself there are so many days that can be hard and even getting out of bed can be a success and then there are those days that are full of failure and those full of joy, and hope. So beloved ones,  before I collapse and take care of my new Eye-Hobby,  I really do wish, from every beat of my heart, you are doing OK. I wish for all of you strength and sweet dreams whenever you feel like falling into them.



x hanna