On being a "switch" or the need to throw some eggs

A beautiful and lovely evening! To be honest, I took a lot of Detours to get there. I woke up and felt super grumpy, like VERY grumpy and then I got grumpy about me being grumpy and then even grumpier and then even more about the grumpiness about me being grumpy about being grumpy, and well… I thought to myself WHY??? Side-effects or Aftereffects of yesternight when I tried to find a Cheesecake recipe, JASS I know you have all been waiting for me to write about food and share my baking hobby. BUT NO WORRIES. I now know there are way too MANY Blogs on NY Cheesecake out there, so after hours of wondering, why the fucking hell some recipes need 9 Cheesecake packages some only 2 other 3, then 6… over to 500 grams of butter to ZERO, 1 KG sugar to None but different substitutes, and others with 3, then 5 then NO eggs, and … Believe me, I got highly confused!!!! And at some point I gave up! But luckily enough I figured I actually don’t have any baking tools anyway. WHY? YES!!!! Because I NEVER bake and honestly don’t want and need a new Hobby (still having my Eye hobby). So as I said before, NO Foodblog from my side.  Well actually I could probably write about the 8 dishes I am really good at and this ONE dish I specialised on: Grilled Detox (or Fasten) Veggies, yes! So you start cutting lots of vegetables and put them in the oven. Well, and then you have to wait, and wait and wait, and then you go to your oven and see OH Great probably only 2-5 more minutes AND THEN you decide to check your emails, call your granny, do laundry, draw a picture, write a love poem,… and Voila, you have created your Detox Dish AND a smoke/fog room!! Good, no? So yeah Pitch Dark Veggies and your “Fasting dish” is ready to… Throw away! 


Anyway, back to being grumpy, and changing moods, so ja, “Selbstmitleid” and all the things you start  to wonder about. Solution? Cuming! Well, that was mine for today (sorry babes, not getting into the details right now) but body fluids and cuming really helped. Some times I am really mesmerised how moods can change so fast and quickly (not only when you are a "switch") So while thinking about fluids and fluidity I observed how quiet my street is (Probably also because of holidays and this weird thing called eastern - I will probably get into the topic of this Easter thing and why and when it changed from celebrating spring and dawn, “sex” and celebrating a female goddess into suffering and talking about this guy?! that is hammering on wood?! But that I will save for another day.) So besides of that ONE bird that couldn’t stop, well I wouldn’t want to call it singing, more like constantly screaming, it was super quiet. The sun was shining and I understood I am melting, melting with the shadows of my plants, and I felt so calm until my very good friend (introduction will follow) wrote about her day and that a woman got harassed by some guys. So yeah (sexualised) violence is of course a big trigger. Being queer and female I could write night and days about attacks. Sure we already know that toxic masculinity is killing the world. But first of all, to those guys out there JUST FUCKING STOP BEING ASSHOLES! Some might say, Is it about fighting men all the time? Well, it IS about fighting the status quo, and that is where men have more social power, so at the end of the night yes.  I will leave you for tonight, but no worries I am not gonna calm down, but feel the need to check in with my friend again.  So tonight i leave you a quote by Audre Lorde: “When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.“… 


Love and get ready to throw some eggs,