Gespräch mit "Dog" und "Krähe"

A dog is standing in the corner of my street.  Dogs eyes look empty. Dog just stands there. Dog seems frozen. Dog is looking into distance.


Me: Hey Dog, are you OK?


Dog is silent.


Me: Are you lost? Do you need me to take you somewhere?


Dog looks at me. 


Me: Dear Dog, can I do something for you?


Dog looks away.


Me: You want something to drink?


Dog looks into distance.


Me: Want some food?


Dog says Nothing. 


Me: Hey DOG you want, maybe A…. cigarette?????


Dog and Me stand in corner and smoke.


Krähe is in the background crashing peanuts.


Dog looks at Krähe.


Krähe seems dedicated and continues smashing.


Me: Dog, do you also want a peanut?????


Dog looks into distance. 


Me: Dear Dog, I would want to help you, but can’t help you if you don’t tell me what you want, what you need.


Dog takes a step back.


Me: Do you need me to leave? Should I stay?


Krähe is in the background continues crashing peanuts.


For a moment Dog and Me look at her.


Krähe continues crashing peanuts. 


Dog and Me are standing in corner.


Dog starts barking.


Krähe stops crashing peanuts. For a moment we both look at Dog. 


Dog is quiet again.


Krähe continues to crash peanuts.


Dog moves. Walks to different corner. 


Krähe crashes one peanut, eats it.


Me, I stay in Dog’s corner. 


Dog is standing on the opposite corner.


I stand in the corner Dog was standing in before. 


Dog looks at me.


I look at Dog. 


Me: I know. I understand. It’s okay to not know. Not knowing what you feel or what you want. It’s OK to just hang in there and Hold on.


Krähe continues to crash peanuts.


Dog, Me and  Krähe walk OFF, together. 


Beloved ones out there. I guess that was in short on being kind to ourselves. 

And that it is OK to feel empty, exhausted, ...

Allowing us to accept it, allowing us to hide, tough the sun shines,  again to say it is OK.



x hanna