HALLO Seifenblase: Hormones kicking in and out

Freeing mind. Molecules spreading. In a (soap) bubble. A notion not to cry, lasting for a few seconds. Black and blue, yellow, pink. Wetting. Flying. Crashing. Bursting on my own and in contact with another. Changing color. Light reflecting, interfering constructively and destructively. Falling down due to gravity. Rising up through chemical reactions. Hormones kicking in. 



Me: Kay here you go

PMS: MORE!!!!!!!!! Sweet!!!!!!

Me: OK…

PMS: Salty!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Me: Na gut

PMS: SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: ...

PMS: SALTY!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Me: But, ...

PMS: NO BUT!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: I mean , but I cant no more.

PMS: MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Okay, but uff………..

PMS: I will start to box you from the inside!!!!!!!!!! MORE!!!!!!

Me: Please stop! Be calm, relax. HERE is chocolate! Here is EVERYTHING u want. 

PMS: Fill ME, FILL me!!! I am empty. I feel empty. Fill ME, FILL me!!!

Me: WOW am I now your Fill machine???

PMS: Yes!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry bitch, u want to walk without pain-NOT gonna happen!!!!!! 


Me: HEY!!

PMS: FOOD!!!!!!!!!!! I feel empty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: AHHHHHH, I  can’t move no more!

PMS: You better move, or I am gonna kick you!!!!!!!!!!!


Dialogue will continue for next hours...



yours hanging in between-salty and sweet-there Hanna