It’s a match or deep Tips 

Hello sunshine! Well, still NO Blood Flood, but a decision for autonomy and decided to pretend that she is right now here or long gone.  The match of the batch and now knowing Rihanna is into S/M made my day-start bright. Also watching “Theater am Fleischerhaken: Florentina Holzingers blutiges Anti-Ballett” on TRACKS. Her and her female only ensemble’s work is so inspiring and just fucking amazing. Womxn’s work yeah!


About Friday night, YEAH It was, HA! Well, cruising and “bruising” I did not do. Unfortunately! But well, cruising areas in Berlin for womxn are a different topic anyway. Not so many there unfortunately tough. So back to Friday and falling in Love? For some yes, I guess,  OTHERS in the meantime explore different useful! love tips. So she says: There is a simple trick to throat Deep. I try to memorise it for you: You make a fist (left side) push one knuckle (also left hand), let goooo and then push your chin gently back (with right hand)  And then you could deep throat. Soooo jahhhh before asking the question what her source REALLY was, we tried, I mean what else to do on a friday night?!  I can tell you for sure it is not working, well at least for Me, I almost threw up (and decided I am not in need of Deep throating Skills anyway!!!)  and the gay is a pro with that anyway so ... well so that’s to deep tips. 


Back to the match and the Batch, I guess. Yeah, I also went through an online dating swipe the day away experience. No judgement, but me, I kind of failed. Well, I had this dates, Match 01, couldn’t get used to her voice-getting really drunk, Match No 2 chatting for ages, like: HEY how are you, nothing for days, GOOOD how are you, nothing for days, You look cute, nothing for days, You too!, nothing for days, … (dialogue changed)  so “chatting” for ages, without knowing each other, I guess at some point it seemed like a (waste of) time killer. Match 03 can’t remember cause super drunk. Well, well, as said before no judgement but I decided, for my own safety, to better quit.


And while sitting outside and thinking about matching, cruising, well then a crowd of “Starlinks” passed by. So back to the round and round and back and forth and connecting we go. Fo now I need to do some research if, for example stroking left ear or right ankle could have an effect on fisting. And will sure will let you know about my research.


A good and full of diving into your own fantasy lighting star day and night or as R. would say: 

Sticks and stones may break my bones, But chains and whips excite me


x, hanna