Don't leave me dry or On Wetness

Hei loved ones, I hope you are doing OK. Here it’s warm, sunny, spring and it wetness FULL ON.  


As so many of you know I LOVE water, love swimming, love Pools. So last year I was like: Why not becoming a Lifeguard. I mean Artist AND Lifeguard already sounds fucking amazing, is true on so many levels, kind of a perfect match and sexy as Hell! (In german: Künstlerin und Bademeisterin, actually not so sexy, SOO let’s stick to english!!!!) So once I make up my mind I stick to it, and signed up for the training. Of course for now I couldn’t finish the Lifeguard School and since my Fav Pool: PrinzEssinen* Bad in Berlin probably will not open soon anyway, I guess back to the: inside-wet-and-dry training. 


Why a Lifeguard you might ask? (Yeah my friends wondered too, they were like, you can’t barely sit still for a second, you think you could stand in a Pool for 8 Hours and be quiet and still?!) WELL to be discussed I would say, for now I know I would look damn hot and I believe we need more Queer*Lifeguards working in (Public) Pools. Well, some years ago, I went to a Pool round my Berlin corner, shorts, oversized Tank Top. It was a Monday. I was waiting in Line, not knowing it was womxn only.  So this lifeguard comes up to me, saying: What are you doing here? I was like: What? I want to swim. He: It’s women only today. I look at him and say, Well I am one. He responses: No you are not. I just starred at him. He says: You don’t look like one, so you can’t be one. In the end, I had to discuss with him about if I am or Not. And don’t get me wrong, I think everyone makes mistakes and can make mistakes BUT he just continued to discuss with me, not apologising or,…  So yeah, some might say nothing happened, I would respond it’s just FUCKING NOT OK.  So that’s to people putting you in a box, labelling you, not having sensitivity, not accepting and well,… Sure not only in pools, also in so many other spaces. But I do want to stick to Pools and that it can become a very hurtful and also very dangerous place, when you, as they would refer to are “different”/ don’t meet society’s definition of "normal".  And we do have, unfortunately way to little Queers* and Allies out there, in so many (public) spaces and in charge. So yes, I do believe, it is more than important and necessary to have more Queer* Lifeguards in Public Pools!!!! And that’s to that. So fuck yeah!!! I am so gonna finish the training when I can. 


So BEFORE I started with the training, well yeah, I needed of course an outfit! (For now Bay-but soon Gay*watch, but I will get to that later in a different Post) . And yes, now you know, I watched Baywatch, when I was little. Actually I always wanted to be Eddie, why? Because I wanted to have Shaunie as a GF. And while growing up in this (heteropatriarchy) society I didn’t have so many Insights or Role-models into: what it means to be a Homo-girrrl. 

So while doing my Research about Baywatch, (sorry babes, for now no Gay*watch infos, I can only say, it’s gonna be WEETTTT! ), I went to David and from there to Drag Kings, and the thought that we do need more Kings in Berlin. So why not, becoming a King myself?! It feels actually already liberating. So yeah, I guess David has research potential, I mean I am also into  freedom, I once jumped into a car too (NEVER do that tough, well at least I failed and had to go to the ER), I ride at (k) night, am crazy for, summer, and so on. So YES David HannaHoff it could be. But that probably needs more time...


For now I wish you a wonderful evening or day.

Love and stay wet and dry wherever you are.