"De-Shut" causes to "Speak Up"

Hey babes, since I ended yesternight with the need for more Queers* and Allies (not only in spaces and places) out there and the acceptance of the “Other”,  why not starting with anger,  frustration and… freedom. Not only connected to my last nights dialogues, I am frustrated and angry to see, for example that C has helped anti-abortion “activists” win victories. Or 

Observing what’s happening so close to us, in Poland: The ban on access to abortion, equating homosexuality with pedophilia and criminalising sexuality education, I mean WTF!! And within the last weeks, the discussions about increased risk of domestic and/or sexual violence. And we all know that many queer people are victims of such violence. Yeah, what’s news you might say BUT I feel the need to say thanks to all the Womxn, Queers and Allies over and out there, to the brave ones who are not afraid to protest and are fighting for freedom-Fuck yeah!!!!!! and Full Support!


As we all know Freedom is an important topic, and that brings me back to Germany, back to Berlin. The “Shut down” or from No Freedom to “Freedom” will for sure be a different way. I guess if we are not careful now, we will not get back to where we were. I know that restrictions of Freedom seam necessary right now, but there is also nothing good about that. Sure, I am aware how differently privileged we are. I know for some this situation can be liberating, but for others it can be pure Terror. So hello slowly “De-Shuting”. Honestly I was NOT waiting for the moment when the discussion will start what “system relevant” is. I observe for now, but questions like: Is the discussion in Germany based on Equality and unbiased? I believe not. Will the discussion include different needs? Isn’t there already tendency of a debate, with the tonality what is "more important”? And that makes me wonder how “system-relevant” queer life will be? Who is in charge of the "system relevant" discussion/in charge to decide?  Yeah, I know we won't have an equal discussion.  So, where am I going with this, you might ask: Well, back to the potential in Unity, and believing that we can shape change and fight for freedom - as basis for everything, not something you get for free or as a treat. I do hope this crisis shows what our freedom is worth to us. For today, I stick to what the values in freedom are, the importance of community, coming together, uniting and fighting for freedom.


To be continued.


Love, yours Hanna