Hair Cut(e)ness.

Hello dears out there, I have the feeling now that you know me a bit better, it’s time to share my deepest secrets and fears, in short the: problematico, dramatico, tragico deep down and high hills. 

 ...HAIR ISSUES! Well, right now I look like a Sheep or Pudel, and that causes that I put too much wax in my hair and that looks like someone ejaculated on my hair (Not that I would mind). So yeah, I have Curls, Curls, Curls, and LOTS!!!! of them!! So I am overheating quite often, … well, now that I think about it, probably it’s not my temper when it comes to fire, probably everything CAN be traced back to the CURLS - WOW!! learning of my day…

So when I tell me Loveship: I need a haircut!!!!!! He says: WELL babe, you need ONE, you get ONE, then it’s TOO!!! SHORT, then they grow, then TOO LONG!!! and again back to I NEED A HAIRCUT!… True, yes BUT since I can change moods (more often than not) within seconds I guess it’s good to have at least EINE KONSTANTE im Leben: Hair(cut)eness.


Probably so many can relate to this ambivalent feelings, and this: “making decisions” topic. For me it’s always a big challenge and sometimes even things like: which direction to go, left or back or around the corner, or at what time to set an alarm, or shower or no shower, or running or swimming, or coming once or twice or … You know those LIFE DECISIONS!!!!! can take forever. Solution for me is either flipping a Coin and THAT I can do for hours, cause normally I am NOT happy with the answer, then I am like ONLY 3 more times, and THIS is really the LAST coin flip, the next one REALLY COUNTS and only 5 more times, and 2 MORE TIMES and THAT’S THE GRANDE FINALE, and after hours of this process I either am super exhausted and postpone it or I am not sure what the question was no more,... other solution just making a decision. 


Na ja, well  2 years ago I DECIDED to grow up and brake free and got myself a travel backing off insurance (cancellation insurance), because as told before moods change quickly. So for example: Can’t stand one more second in this place, putting all the energy in finding a different flight, succeeding, being back and complaining about all the things I could have done OR when you fall in love with diving, shooting footage for a piece underwater and then you say I NEED 2 more days, Change Flight, I NEED ONE more day after the two days, changing flight, and then like AHHH !!!!! I need a minimum of 50 hours MORE of diving footage (So jass, that’s to being obsessed and in love with own footage…) Well, for this specific piece I used wait, ähm, 4 minutes in Total of ALL the days and nights filming, so if anyone is in need of a FULL TB Hard-drive of me diving in the ocean, Hit me up!! AHHHH I also have this Swimming-Pool-Hoover, shoot from 1 meter, 3 meter, 5 meter, and YES!!!!!!!!! 10 meter!!! Hours of hours, maybe I should do a cut of that actually?! BUT probably not one with using ALL the 60 Hours of footage, na ja… Back to the insurance. It turned out they didn’t pay for “Artists Obsessions” or “Can’t decide”, so now I have a Flight-Booking-Assisting-Lover-Ship - the same as the “please only text ME when you are drunk” gay. YEAH, I KNOW, NO SHIT, growing up hej… So where was I?!!??? Ah ja, HairCut(e)ness.


So, I found this Babe, probably 8years ago on the Dance-floor, love at first sight and since then he is not only one of my LoveShips, also my Designer or the Master of my Curl Disaster. He just knows everything, every strähne, every edge, every curl, sharing all the wet and drynesses Life has to offer. So you might ask, if I have this Master, why do I still bombard the other LoveShip with those I NEED and TOO short, TOO long, messages … Well as said before to give HIM at least ONE constant. Actually I was QUIET once about my hair. That was when I lived in NYC and I had not my Master Curler around. Well, I found this really fucking cute GayGurlHairdresser AND during that time I was quiet WHY? Cause she just knifed everything away, LIKE EVERY CURL!!! I always went back though well hot she was,... (Hm seems like I constantly think about Sex? Probably the truth is,… I kind of do…) 


So before I go wilder, cause I have the feeling I go a little crazy, I better take myself and Sheep outside to walk the high energy off,


A beautiful and Cut(e) day or night,

x hanna