JA! Is today a label day?! NO! - “everyone” could, if they would want to be A Super-Sweet-Ultra-Hoch-Erhitzte-Sprühende-Prinzess. I mean go wild, I do so too and who am I to judge?! Who are they to judge? Recently I was thinking a lot about “labels” and Judgement. We all know Labels exist. Are they sometimes useful to talk about differences? Well, I guess you know for now, I am a big Uniter. This never ending (To stick with the cliches), “butch” against “femme", "Gays" against "Trans", ... and all mixed up and the other way around. I wonder why the community is so often busy outlining and highlighting their differences. Do we need this in our community? Why not trying to find common ground? I know under the Rainbow we are right now all Not, but I choose to believe we can. Ja! And while there is an overload of Rainbow flags in mainstream media there are increases of homo- and transphobic attacks. Fucked up world we live in. Ja! 


I recently went on a journey, where I got mirrored and confronted and understood, that I also, sometimes Label out of my “queer” Bubble. I don’t think I need or want to go in detail here, cause I am Lucky I got mirrored and can confront myself with my own judgement, and change, knowing that in the end we are all not perfect, well, Humans! But the beauty within that is we can communicate and discuss and change. JA!


Labels, decisions, ambivalences, power quotes, positive thinking!!! Happy, happy, sweet but so often we are just NOT! We are not a JA!, we also really DON’T have to, we can, but we DON'T NEED to be Super Sweet, we can be Bitter and Salty, sometimes it’s a MAYBE or a NO! or a WAIT WHAT?! Not a JA! Just A simple OK! or I don’t need or want (to know), sometimes we choose to be a Prinz other days a Prinzessin or neither of both, we can ejaculate ALL OFF US-if we want, we can, we are allowed to Switch, simply we are allowed to Be. Ja! Because we fucking deserve it!!!! Being “different” has the potential to unite. So a Ja! to Us and being whatever we choose to be.


The cream is light and bright and mirror effects bring the Neon-glitter-super-sweet Princess, Ultrahocherhitzt back.


Love to you if near or far, JA oder NEIN, am Ende ist es niemals egal, as long as you can decide, can speak up and have die Wahl.


x, yours hanna