Igel mit Katze

Hallo Katze!!! As a start IIIIIIIII have to confess something to you. I was standing on my balcony, sun was shining, and then!!!!!! I killed a fly, but not on purpose!!! I promise! I wonder if that would count as “murder” though? I mean I guess not, but maybe yes? Or did Fly just didn’t want to fly no more? I mean Fly was flying into my nose, and I can’t do nothing about the wetness in my nose. Or was I just standing in the way?? AHHHH But that would mean…, Shezus!!!!!! 


Actually, probably, maybe, anyway…


So yeah, Flys and OTHER animals. Right now I have very fluffy company with my Katze (hangover) and feel like an Igel. And now that I looked at so many Igel pictures, I kind of can relate: cute and spiky and super big feet. Jass I know 44 for a womxn is quite a statement, and also it’s not so easy to find Heels. But I also couldn’t imagine to have little ones, I mean, wouldn’t I constantly tip over?? I guess yes!!! And today more than ever!! BUT NO worries I am an Igel in a stable lateral position!! So a happy Igel mit Katze (title credit:my VP). Brain and Genius thoughts still here!!! But reduced to minimum and slower also normal.


Well, well, sometimes it is what it is... And yesternight we had to have this ONE Drink (too much!). We had to half celebrate. Why? Because Film 01 out of our "Worlds of Desire Trilogy" is completely completed. Yeah!!!!! Yes!! I know it seems like Post Production is our Life Project?! To be honest, I wish it was NOT but, well, well  Post Production in times of C can take forever… BUT as soon as the 2nd Babe is on her way I will dedicate a full post on that! Ha!


Okay dears, Igel will take care of Katze and wishes you all a stable position for the weekend,

x, love hanna