You wonder why? BECAUSE my Babe, Bitch, Bear, Sugar, Bitter, Sweet, Wet High and Lower Master Disaster, Hip Swinger, Loveship is ONLINE!!!!!! Hell yeeah!!!!!! HE IS LIVE!!!! Fuck yeah!!!!!! PROUD I AM!! And THAT!! deserves an entry.

MISTER KLEIN IS OUT THERE - a fucking hell of an amazing pride and proud Kommunikationsberater, so here bitches if you are in need of the best of the best out here, well, here you go:


Oh yeah, I think the site has a pretty fucking amazing design (womxn work, yeah!) and shows the colourful- and smartness of my mister. BUT mostly I am super happy and proud to see how open and pride my MK is out there, Brave Bitch!!!!


What a journey for him, for me, for us, since 10 years, but feels kind of since forever and eternal, feels like finding a soul out there, you where looking for, to become whole again.


Yep, I know I also write to you my Blogger friends: I deeply love this gay from every beat of my heart. But today is about you:  My dear Manuel: I love you. And I am proud of you! Very much!! Continue on being who you are, so brave and amazing as you are. I will walk by your side,  climb with you every mountain, jump with you from every cliff. I love every word, thought and journey we already took, connected to you, connected to us.  To our highs and lows we have been taking and we will be taking. Thanks again, thanks to us and thanks for beating and living life together. I love the beauty in our relationship and that we give each other the space to grow. AND!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!

I do wish you all the SUCKcess you deserve with being free (lancer). Because you deserve everything!!!!!!!


Sorry crowd, I had to write this little love note, why? Because I want and I can. 


So a flamingo to me and a flamingo to you, 

and yesss since it's about being brave and proud: Happy lesbian visibility day today!

(And that will for sure get an own entry too)


x and love from the pride proud hanna