On Darkrooms of the Fluid Milky Way.

Sunday the 26th it was, Lesbian Visibility Day! I wondered was it a coincidence that on That Sunday LA LUNA and VENUS merged and had a date?! Good news is, I know!!!! And can tell you: NO COINCIDENCE!!!!!! Why? Because I heard them talking. Am sorry babes, it took me some time to do the transcript. But Consent Hey! so I had to check in with them.

But  here we flow:


LA LUNA: Hello Pretty.


VENUS: Hey babe, you look beautiful.


LA LUNA: You too my beloved Morning-Evening Star. Took you some time to finally come close again, hm?!


VENUS: Babe, you know me, I am a super rotator!


LA LUNA: Ja! and hot as hell.


VENUS: Well Gurrl as you know, I love extremes!!!!!


LA LUNA: Yass I know. And I do love your waves, your lava flows.


VENUS: And I love all the sides of you, not only the one you don’t show the ones living on earth. 


LA LUNA: Well bitch, you know me, I am out and proud, but some Kinks are for you and the milky way only. 


VENUS: THAT I know.  And I love that you are visible, love that you are out and proud. And you deserve the attention Babe.


LA LUNA: You too Babe. And I know we discussed often, and I understand that you have a different approach.


VENUS: Yep and as you know the positive 480 degreeC side-effect is: to keep the narrow-minded humans away. And you know how angry it makes me, that some down there stick to calendars connected to you, but don’t see and accept all of you. 


LA LUNA: Ja Hon, the heteropatriarchy society is still leading down there. And some are just so full of hate, and some because they are afraid. But hey babe, they know nothing about the milky way.


VENUS: True babe, and fucked up! But I am grateful some do see us and I see you. By the way I wanted to say how beautiful you looked when you turned Pink on Tuesday some weeks ago. And what a statement! Well done, bitch!


LA LUNA: Ha! You know part of it was for you BUT I know I am a smart one! And I felt the need to make a statement against the labels they created. It felt so right. 


VENUS: Ja no shit. Wondering if they got that?


LA LUNA: Well I guess NOT, You remember, when they thought I am married to the sun?! A GUY, I mean,WTF!!! That still makes me laugh and just shows how little they understand.


VENUS: Yeah, that was crazy, you are right! Well.. Straights… As they would know, I mean, …


LA LUNA: Speaking of, dear Love(r) and NOT fertility machine. It still feels weird to me, how they made this random connection. Love AND Fertility? You remember when I said: WHO THE FUCK would ever believe that Love and Sex serves the purpose in making babies?!




LA LUNA: I mean this context is the dumbest thing ever! Sex, Love, Lust, Desire, Passion,… is for Everyone and Different things. That makes me SOOO angry. 


VENUS: Well babe, Straights!!! Men!!!…


LA LUNA: I know. But I had hope, when they understood your story and that you are into Fluids, made out of fluids. I guess I was JUST hoping they got that Females are Ejaculators, but well, until…


VENUS: Ja Hon, Heteropatriarchy society (again!).


LA LUNA: At least some understand you are Fluid. My Wet and Messy babe.


VENUS: Hey Bitch! You love when I ejaculate. 


LA LUNA: Oh ja!!!! But you know how angry I got when they deleted the female prostate, denied female ejaculation and the importance of cuming for womxn, the importance in free choice, Lust, Desire. I mean WTF how do they dare?! Our body our choice!!! On so many levels. 


VENUS: … Straights, Men,  heteropatriarchy society, (again!). Babe, I know it is devastating and can be frustrating, but womxn/queers are out there and they are squirting back! There is hope babe. 


LA LUNA: Yes I know. By the way! Have you seen the “HET LAG" thing?


VENUS: Ah!! Are you talking about the screenshot the fab gay sent to the hot dyke recently?!


LA LUNA: Yes!!! The definition of a “HET LAG”.


VENUS: Jah, the feeling of exhaustion and confusion experienced by queer people who have gone for prolonged periods of time surrounded only by straight people. Made my day!


LA LUNA: See babe, in Queers we can trust. 


VENUS: You know what?! I feel like making a statement. Tomorrow on the 30th I will cum as close as I can to earth. I will shine bright, so they finally understand, you are not married to the sun. You are part of the milky way and I am one of your lover!


LA LUNA: She is on fire. That is so damn hot.


VENUS: Yesss, she is! Now that I think about it, I will stick around for 2020 and I DO HOPE  they understand I am dedicated to the power of womxn and am calling out for the coexistence of diversity and the acceptance of the “Other” or different identities!!!


LA LUNA: That’s beautiful. Love it!!! 


VENUS: Ja bitch, I do it for a reason. And I hope they finally get it!


LA LUNA: I will support you in every Lunar.


VENUS: I am hot now. 


LA LUNA: Jah, I wanted to tell you since forever I am horny as fuck.


VENUS: Oh yeah, you make my Lava flow. And now that the word is out, let’s go and fuck.


And together they went OFF into the Darkrooms of the Fluid Milky Way. 




Hoping for you to get a chance to see the Venus tomorrow, but if not no worries, she said she will stick around. 

Stay fluid,  I will do so too,

x love hanna