Spreading Brilliantly.

Hallo Dear Weekenders.


Today is one of the little-big-things days. The little things that can become big when they sum up. When you give them the space to grow. When you let them be and keep it cuming. When you allow yourself to spread, feel and grow. In short: Not limit yourself.

BÄM. How fast a month went by. What a month! Yassss. ONE MONTH OF EJACULATIONS So Happy BL-Day!! Beautiful, amazing, also sad and weird things happened, BUT BRILLIANT EJACULATIONS came out!!! Well done Hanna!!! (Sometimes you just have to tell yourself how FUCKING AMAZING and BRILLIANT you are!)


I wonder, do I need to worry, that I talk about myself in third person?! NOOO!! I mean I talk to my body parts and myself, and yes sure, sometimes I get those crazy looks when I start laughing or talking to myself in public . But sometimes you just have this dialogues in your head or fun with yourself and THAT just needs to get out. I think it’s healthy!!!!! Healthy to say to yourself, how amazing you are, and that you are proud of yourself. Because we deserve loving and celebrating ourselves.

Sure thing, sometimes it’s a small gap between switching  from YOU ARE AMAZING to WTF have you been thinking??? (so often connected to doing art).  


Well, well, switching! I guess you know for now I love sWITCHES. Me for myself today was under 3 and Super Cute, high on caffeine and therefor super fast - then totally caffeine overdosed and super slow, went from amazing and brilliant to I don’t know, from Sex-bomb to an explosive need device then Cool One to Attention Seeker, I felt like an Igel but was named a frog, in short: Spreading wide BUT! BRILLIANT. And there are many more sides, like spreading on a Mushroom Farm AND!!!!! Many more will cum.


A Month is over, a shut down still on, so I will continue to Ejaculate on and on and on.


I wonder, will I blog until the Pools are open? Will the pools ever be open???? Will I have to dry- train forever? How often will you cum? Ejaculate? Will the month be full of guerrilla girrls, guerrilla actions? Will my “Femme Fontaine” labels make it into the (super) markets? Will there be a different pride? A Gaywatch? Will a new cake be baked? Can we stick to the D-Eggline? How often will we procrastinate? How often will we fly high and fall low? How often will we switch? Will we find new spaces? Will we create new spaces? What is May holding up for us? What will each day, hour, heartbeat, breathing bring? What do we care about? What will drive us? What will make us smile and cry? What will come up? How will we feel? 


We shall see, All of us. 


Me, I am curious, excited and ready!!!!!


So May Bitches! Let’s wet this on. 

x love hanna