Running An Analysis.

It feels like a space week.! Yesterday Gravity and after Gravity I transformed into a Chicken! WHY? Because D-EggLine was here, but NOOO Final. Ja, No shit, back to waaaaiiiitting. Either out of my need “I can’t throw food away” OR because of frustration I ate ALL the eggs. So chicken me, of course WITHOUT the presence of a rooster!!, went outside and [side not on chickens: I think it’s super cool that Chickens have this Sperm Storage, cause then females do not need to mate again to fertilize additional eggs. And that’s to that.]  observed the following: PIZZA EATING SPREAD. 


Observation: Since C?!-ome weeks there are WAY MORE pizza eaters out there.


Proof of evidence: See picture in Front and Back.



“How does pizza symbolise the Status Quo? Does it represent something OR are there beneficial results of using this product?”



Pizza - dish of Italian origin, consisting of a usually round, flattened base of leavened wheat-based dough topped with tomatoes, cheese, and often various other ingredients, baked at a high temperature.



Is Pizza a way of digesting things, revolutionary, contemporary?



People are sick of conspiracy theories and fake news. As a statement against [example: Flat Earth Theory] those theories, they eat the flatness (fake news) up and get rid of the bullshit. A Rebellious ACT!

So many are in lack of social and physical contact and unpacking Pizza is used as a substitute. Some observations though lead to the use of just self serving, while others Gift themselves. But why do they then “trash” it. There is an observation in passive aggressive or actually active aggressive behaviour. An observation in getting rid of “humanity” and transforming into Dough with every swallow taken. That overdose makes you passive, and you lose the ability to think (for yourself). As a side effect of losing your Brain and getting rid of humanity there is an observation: your skin turns orange or shines red like a tomato (see reference: Donnie T., (US)) Is the dough overdose a symptom for not wanting to make decisions? Becoming passive? For others to serve you or just meant to support? Pizza (cartons) are supporting the BSR (Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe/Berlin's public cleansing service) because trash makes them stay system relevant! Other though use it as a statement FOR Humanity. As a symbol to celebrate immigrants, and a statement that we need  diversity ,  freedom (of speech and thought). 


No Conclusion for now, but I am pretty sure I will get back to you on that, after checking in with my beloved B in NY.


So for now A Love and Stay Dough!


x hanna