ICE, ICE, Baby

Yess, war is “over” and my bitches and me needed to ice and heat the day away.

We went to a lake, ice cold (again!!) , but we were together, outside (and i was only brave because my babe was “braver.), and together we dived in… For me it was a day full of love, of love on what others would refer to "on a different level". 


I got reminded about the day when the “lockdown” started.  Yeah, I was also “locking down” BUT me and my MK decided to be viral partners. Why? Because we knew, once we get C then, well, we are together in this then. It was interesting to observe though, that the outside became judgemental.  With stuff like: but you are not “partners” (sure not in the heteronormative way), you don’t live together, you are not responsible, and… Well, I don’t feel like going down an "arguing” road for that tonight. But I do want to speak against this “doppelmoral” that is happening (right now).

I say: Decide for yourself! And be responsible. Me for my own (mental) health I do need my bitches. So yes, my day was full of hot, ice, love and support. And to quote the piece below: I want a world were friendship is appreciated as a form of romance. 


For tonight I will share an ice, ice baby togetherness (in pictures) and the quoted text by Alok Vaid-Menon ( I got sent some weeks ago).


I wish for you, to find the heat in the cold and the cold in the heat (for the weekend),



yours ice, wet, warm babe hanna