FINALLY...we are allowed to CUM!

Yeah bitches ARE Ready!!! Ready for what? For their first round of 1,5 m “distance” screenings.AND in case you wondered, Yasssss I did it (again). And now NEVER ever more. I baked a WOD cake, a promise is a promise. So tomorrow I probably write high on a sugar overdose.


So we did it. We have invested thoughts, time, money, passion, anger but most of all love to convey a message designed so that we can identify with it full on. 


And oh boy the process was a rocky one. Starting with the two of us flying to Barcelona and Hanna losing her phone. Entering a doll brothel. 3 Hours couple service…  Hanna: “Oh boy, if Manuel wouldn’t have broken the ice with our Doll Kira I would still stay frozen in the room!! Though putting a double strap on with a beardy gay and a silicon doll as stimulation- well, well, thanks to a litre of Lube, but , ouch… Filming in Berlin: First thing that happens is a power outage. No!!! Actually two! but then we knew where the “sicherungskasten” is. Trying to prepare for the second film, we were not really amusing the Kleingarten neighbors with numerous trial drone flights. Potential cast being in the hospital. DOP with “Gerstenkorn”. And numerous other emotional highs and lows. 


So bitches, babes are off to the premiere.


Prost love and everything else.