Wettness all around.

Wet not in the “too much exciting way” today. Well, maybe a bit, I mean it was pretty exciting to wake up and step into the sugar-sugar-candy traces of yesterday. But to trace back in time, I guess I told you about the cake. We “had” it for the premiere yesternight. On it Wunderkerzen-(Fountains-Loved it!!!) But that’s why cake stayed on the floor. We never “had” or ate it, cause at some point I accidentally?! (maybe a passive aggressive behaviour against it?!) Stepped barefoot into/onto it . And what did we do?!! Clean the floor and traces away? NOOOO!!!  Don’t ask me why but it just made complete sense for us to step more into the cake and dance on this “Schlamm-Mas­se” . So yeah: room became a fun and cream cheese liquid dancing floor. 


But yeah… When I woke up today and saw the cheese-c-dancefloor I was like: What the ACTUAL FUCK???


Options were:

a) shutting the door and never entering the room again,

b) asking a friend if I could borrow her dog so she could lick the Cake away (I actually did, but turns out dog is allergic to Sahne and Cream Cheese) so YASSS

c) for cleaning it was.


So cleaning babed the day away.


Love from my “pool”, a good start into the week and a good night whenever you feel like it.

x hanna