Transcription Beta

Good evening loved ones.


A short ejaculator I will be today, yasss eye-hobby is back, Tja! But what can I do, besides of taking it easy with screens. Thankfully I found a collaborator for today: Transcription Beta (low confidence). Since I had my phone mostly off today, my collaborator transcribed me my VoiceMails.


So here are 2 excerpts by my collaborator Transcription Beta (low confidence):


“ I dont know ___ everything on my foot___by I just have three space me back um we_____talk I’m young____in the mall___OK I!LL talk to you____ if you can stay in. “

WITH HIGH CONFIDENCE I can tell you, because I listened to it, the guy that called spoke german and just said, let’s try and find each other tomorrow at 12.


b) “Hanna do the chicken off the corona and talk to your attorney that ____ have enough to talk to Steve thank you you __ ___ ___ _ ____ I’ll post _________________________”

WITH HIGH CONFIDENCE I can tell you, the woman speaks german and just wanted to check in, also I don’t know what a chicken has to do with C and who the fuck is Steve?


So in case of being scared technology will take over, with High Confidence I can say, when it comes to NON-Misunderstandings real conversations there will have to be.


Love and x

yours highly confident-eye-will-be-recovered-soon