Monday it is! The curtain is drawn, the lights go down, imagination slowly carries the observer into the illusionary world of Full Recovery. Stepping into dreams, innermost thoughts, heartstrings feelings. Stepping into the world of subconscious.


Summer tries to arrive, we make a promise

Embarking on a journey without an endpoint 

The coffee I order is hot, my tongue and lip-  burning 

People barely talk, what’s happening? I wonder.

Don't forget who you are.

Choosing a liquid in which one can breathe.

I dream about you, we fuck. You transform and try to eat me alive. 

Come on with me. I show you. SHADES. 

He says sleeping is for dead people.

Everyday life it is, what will we get out of all of this? Understanding. 

Not being afraid. Getting involved. Fighting. Staying strong.

Reality Hits.


Waking and knowing the explosion was there. Hope of full recovery dies within the look into the mirror. Falling back into the dark world of the engine machine, researching how many seconds, hours, days (COLLAPSING!!!!) it takes after eye explosion. Giving up cause no satisfying answer. Tranquilo, be patient BUT patience there was, and that is over. Babe from NY brings hope, he says: Yeah the guy I am fucking had that too, his mum said use sperm or breast milk, and he did, masturbated and put his cum over his eyes and recovered within a day! Exciting news!!!! Standing on balcony, G coming from Pop Up-B-Hain saying: Hanna come downstairs. I tell her about the cum-news, she is a big fan and says take a golden shower, that should help too!!! Running home, hopeful, ready to cum, telling MK. MK almost collapses says: Please NOT. (Probably not a big fan of driving with me back to Charité. And probably not wanting to wait in front of a pharmacy for 30 minutes. Because there was a line? NO!!!!!, cause the P-guy in there was like: I have good and bad news, and… well back in the 80ies there was the research about this and that, and how was it in the ER, and well I have good and bad news and… (to shorten, i only wanted to get my antibiotics for eyes!!! and that took me 30 MIN!!!!!! (maybe a bit dramatico but it felt like 30!) AND I almost collapsed behind mask!!!!!!!. 


So no cum on my eye, giving up on med-engine search switching to: recovery time spiritually. So Sun: Love is in the spring air, Moon: The dawn is coming! and Venus getting right to the point Gemini rules your sexuality, intimacy, and eroticism zone. So hey, fuck yeah!! That’s something!! Right now researching: fetish for red eye or barley grain babes. Seems there is hope!


Yeah dears… I hope you had a more exciting start into the week! Am confident sun moon and venus are right. So love, sex and hopes are red eye high (lighted). 


x love hanna