Construction Site Babe

Hello loved ones. NOOOOO worries, I did not drive a car, though it might look like on the front pic. CAB BABE I was, probably scared the driver with patch, and weird noise making but CAB looked like in a splatter movie anyway. Yasss, well, I had a Shoot, and also NOOOOO worries, I shot a Porn with one eye last year, so I was confident to do the paid gig. Will not get too much into details (for now), well one detail, Set was a construction site. And I love construction sides!!! Problem is I get crazy obsessed during shooting, so yeah going through 6 hours of Kräne, Bagger, Staubspuren, Schubkarren, Baulöcher, babam…(for a 60-90sec cut), well, well,  trallala and here and there and … ,


Babe is off to the site and wishes you all a good night.



x hanna 

(also!!!!! I wore a jeans today!)