Pop the Cut away.

A beautiful and lovely evening or day. I hope you are doing well. Me, I pop unfortunately not the porn away, but actually I also don’t pop corn or corn pop, more like popping the dust away. Or popping the night with cutting so more like cutting the corn away. Well, actually isn’t there this saying, work is connected to making bread?? - Am too lazy to research that, but something like that. So if that would be the case then popping the corn away would make sense if connected to Tacos. Hm. Yass, to make it short, editing. 


I actually did do once a, to not sound negative, “almost failed” or you "live and learn" piece. Kind of a “sculpture”, where i colored the corn, popped it and made a “brain” out of it with coloured codes. I mean I guess it was a very very very VERY abstract creation of a brain, and I tossed it at some point anyway, cause the process was a sugared one, and oh girls and boys, what a mess that was. Probably PopCorn always makes a mess anyway, and when going to the movies I am always happy about half an hour trailers and ads cause normally by then the corn poppers are done. Going slightly crazy when Corn Poppers popp the sound and MY!! emotions away. Well, well, soon I will popp the corn when done here, well actually I guess not, I will probably poppers the night away then. HA! Hm, headache in front I guess... And also  I don’t have a Popcorn Popper Machine anyway, and beloved reader I also DON’T want that. So jah, am gonna go back to cut and machine and pop the night away. 


I hope you wildly popper hey!!

Probably popping soon.


x hanna