Turning things upside down 

Yo and hey! Noooo Worries still NO Foodblog! AND also NOOO Foodporn, because I really DON’T want that. Dinner with my favourite bitch I had, and thanks to my fisting-loving, I was glove prepared, And TBH those gloves helped to get through this kind of gross CH-Filling-Action. Maybe a good online-fucking-dating-app-pic?! Probably also NOT. Well, actually my friends started to go back to all those: Finding a Fuck Partner Apps or as some would say Dates. I wrote about my experiences about that already BUT  I guess right now, I would have to write: Normally super cute, hot as hell, amazing or best lover u ever had, though with Pilz and Gerstenkorn (only 1 out of 3 now!!!) BUT C-Negative, looking for sex date. I wonder how many “matches” I would get. .. Well, well...


Right now I am in the process of starting the day again!  So many of you probably know this feeling when you nap, but then the nap takes 1HOUR!! and 45 MIN!!!!!! and you wake up and are super confused. Coffee or Tea, not knowing if you should shower again? Is breakfast now Lunch or Dinner? Going back to napping?- would that be a good night sleep then? Or is it a 2nd beginning of the Day? So work? Or going for a walk again? Or… Well you know asking all this existential life questions. For now I drink coffee and pretend the afternoon is the morning, and will probably turn the night into the day and …


But hey! good news are: Worlds of Desire Film 3 started to grow yesterday, so Freedom and Protection cuming up. A start into the brainSTORM and diving into the topic, BÄM! Hell and Fuck yeah. 


Kay loved ones, Hangry I start to get, so I wish you all a great turning things upside down Friday. 



x hanna