pink the night away

Hello loved ones I hope you all had a good start into the week. Me, I started my morning with traces of the night, and that was full of crazy nightmares. I guess everyone knows when you are half awake and still asleep trying so badly to fight the nightmares, trying to reframe your thoughts, think happy thoughts. Well, but sometimes the “monsters” just drag you back in. And so they did, over and over. Therefor my start into today was feeling slightly exhausted. 


Thankfully so often switches there are, and today my pink mirror made me smile. A day full of mirror shots, seeing everything in color, though Berlin was super grey today. 


On my way I was wondering who and why Toxicity was left out there, and then being slightly confused about “Ample” getting red. But Knowing now cause of a friend. Still trying to take as little news in as possible. So one red Ampel there is, question is,  are we falling back? I don’t hope and think so but sure we will see and continue to go. 


From needing and hugging and scratching and patching, I don’t know where this week will go,I hope for the pool and try to play cool. I wish for the heat and wish for us all the things we need for this week. I wish for mirrors, sun and pinkness all around. So baby blues, new challenges and new week: On.


You are loved.

Stay brave and strong.


x hanna