Yo, Splash and BÄM. But what a fucking journey that was!!!!!!!! Weelllll a long one, a very very veeerrrryyyy long one. So still with red eye I was like, hm, maybe I should not dive into a pool full of chlorine, and searching engined my self almost into infinity, asking all people around, and here and there and well, so anyway, while doing my dive down search engine lane this thing popped up on my phone, Den Drang zu masturbieren unterdrücken, something about Masturbation can also become unhealthy if it is difficult to control and conflicts with a relationship, school or work life, or with personal relationships. And weird things like this. I need to dive into that for tomorrow BUT today I am the happiest girl on earth. Why, because at some point while ambivalencing myself, VP and Igelin to dryness I decided for Splash. AND it was the best decision ever, I jumped into the water and could breathe again, I felt my body, in short became whole again.

And due to C-Slots it was not crowded at all, well I have been told while I was splashing like a dog, cause I was so happy, one girl in lane was a bit confused, but hey!! waves I created for her.


Anyway So a splashed day in pics (Hank was with us too, of course!)

LOOOOVVVVEEEEE, your wet hanna