Season is on: a daily prinzessin I beCUM.

Good and lovely day, season is on!!!!!! A happy Prinzessin I will be from today on. Hehe, yeah!!! I know that you know that I know that you know, I Looooooovvvvveeeeeeee Prinzessinnenbad and pools and water, and… kay, I better stop.

Anyway Midday it is while I write, the whole morning was dedicated to booking different C-Slots. Priorities Hey! Aaaannnnnd soon I will jump into with my fav bitch MK.  

AHHH I memorise I promised you something about this article yesterday about this “Suppress the urge to masturbate”. Where did I want to go with that again? Besides of telling you I really would NOT want to suppress my urge, though I have the feeling since yesterday I am not as horny as normally. Connected to the article? For sure NOOOOOO, probably more about my excitement being back in water. Body, soul, mind puzzling back together hey!


Though there was something in this article about Masturbation and that it can become unhealthy if it is difficult to control-HA! Actually I had this job back in the days in a Hotel, and it was pure Horror!!! So I had to go to the restrooms almost every hour to masturbate. I was working on the highest floor, and the staff restrooms were in the basement, yeah quite a journey TBH, but I needed that, to get through the day. I guess I learned during that time how to Cum within like 3 minutes MAX. So that’s to that, did I lose my job because of it? NOOOO and also I would not know cause I quit. Ah maybe a good ref. of this horrible article: Do sports. Exercise can help reduce sexual desire.(THAT I WOULDN’T WANT) If you sometimes masturbate to relax and be less stressed, exercise can be a healthy alternative (BETTER ADD ON) because it releases endorphins in your brain that make you happier and less stressed. (WHY NOT COMBINING??!!) Try fun (HAHAH!!!!) endurance or sports exercises, such as: skateboarding, swimming, hiking, bowlin (BOWLING, FUN?!!?), jumping rope (WOW) dancing, aerobics or yoga.


But well swimming it says too, sooooo Fun in front and in the back, and after the fun more fun. So I did cum today will now go to the pool and probably cum after that again, SOOOO triple endorphins that would mean for me today. I hope for you so too!!!!! Little note at the end: Today worlds came together for me, so quadruple happiness for mel


Love your triple endorphined wet hanna