I had a very very emotional start into today. The Corona-Prinzessinnen-Slots were all booked out for the next 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, WTF!!!!!! Seriously, … BUT no worries, she is a trouble shooter, and I will be a ColumbiaBaderin for the next 3 days. Call me obsessed. But now that I know I booked my C-Slots as Prinzessin!!!! in advance. So yeah Game is on Slotters, this will never ever happen again! 

I actually did the maths, 117,80€ I need to earn Xtra/month for my PrinzessIn. I mean not that bad, cheap one you might say. I guess you remember when I told you about me beCUMing a GabelstaplerIn.  Brumm Brumm, then I thought HA maybe a LKW driver, BRUMM BRUMM BRUMM. But then I couldn’t be a daily prinzessin, so actually a NOOO, maybe I could become a Rapperin?! I mean why the fucking hell not, the astronaut I promised to MK I will not beCum. Oh wow seams like everything is about threesomes today. Artist-Lifeguard-Rapperin (optional: BRUMMER). Actually, I am not the biggest fan of threesomes, or maybe I always had the wrong  Add Ons, but the ones I had were more exhausting and complicated than 2 or more than 3. So better more somes. Still 3 I though have in my tongue, since I am, wait, let me count, since I am 14. Yep, that’s why I have to put Kgs of salt over all the dishes, so if you ever invite me for dinner, no worries, it’s not about you, more about tongue. Why 3 you might ask? Well, my girl at that time had 2, left and right, and together or overlaid we formed a Plus. Hopeless romantic (again), hey. 

First loves kind of stay forever, and since “My perversion is the Belief in Love” (new tattoo soon, fuck yeah!) I carry those since then.

So yeah, to 3somes! Titan, Worlds of desire, pain, pleasure love,  weekend get a way with MK and girls (booked!! happy hanna, pool we have!), and also to moreSomes for example: 4 C-Swim Slots booked, lots of Orgasms,… AHHH before I forget May is the month of Masturbation. So babes, work wild.


Love your moreSomes