Embarking on a new journey.

Beloved ones, 


I hope you are doing good!  Me I was totally overwhelmed by all the news, attacks, not only in the US. I know for all of us it’s a lot to take in right now (again!). I guess I don’t have to tell you what’s going on out there, but yeah fucked up it is. I feel like having a Jet Lag and try to get back to myself to frame my thoughts and how to take action. Not only because of  the “rave culture” demonstration in Berlin, a Raver I am, but this demo was geschmacklos. NEIN ZU RASSISMUS in Berlin on Saturday is for me a better cause to demonstrate right now. 


Other than trying to digest, having again more offline hours and pooling around to clear thoughts I will change some things connected to the BLOG, offline I will go. Why? Because HANNA EJACULATING THOUGHTS. AN INTERNAL MONOLOGUE (DURING SHUT DOWN) will go printHell yeah!!!!!!!!!


And what a journey it was the last 2 Months. All the ups and downs and round and rounds,  but thinking about the time I am so so so so happy I started. Thanks for taking the journey with me!!!!!! And If you want a Hard Copy, write me a note, and I will send you the details. The Blog will transform and will go offline once print.


As we all know an end always implies a beginning, so Layout Queen I will beCUM!


For now dears continue the fight and take good care, you are loved.