Super 8 digitalisiert, HD, 1-Kanal-Video, S/W und Farbe, Ton, 02:31 min


Der Ausbruch aus den gewohnten Strukturen, der Raum des Vergessens und ja, der Raum für die ganz besonderen Momente im Leben das Gefühl frei zu sein - darum geht es in der Arbeit CONSTANT NEED die folgenden Text beinhaltet:

There‘s this constant need to finish something every day.
You control time, run from A to B.
You connect with people.
You owe your own time.
You are strong, restless, present.
You speak up for yourself.
You help strangers.
You don’t want to commit ‘cause you get easily bored.
You don‘t want to be weak in front of others.
And then there is this state – it’s physical.
A need connected to a specific space.
You lose yourself for days and hours, you allow yourself to lose control.
It’s about you.
No one else. 
And you stop thinking for a little while.

Text: Hanna Schaich
Musik: Dr. Motte - Der Klang der Familie