Happy Sunday!!!!! Happy Hanna!!!!!!!!!! Why???? Because I got an Igelin today!!!!!!!!!!! So let me introduce you to Hank, Hallo Hank!!! She is female and of course gay. Why is Igelin called Hank you might ask?! Well for that I have to go back in time. Do you remember, when I got introduced to the pet hair removal function on my washing machine? Since then pet is in my head, cat sure, penguin not APT friendly and then, since I talked about Igels a lot, my VP told me that you can have Igels in an APT!!!! Yasss, afrikanische Weißbauchigel!!! And in this “give Igel a 2nd chance group” there was one Igel called Hank, somewhere deep down in Germany, actually 4,5 hours Berlin-Drive away. But before jumping into the B-OY I decided to do my research first. So I went down Future-Hanna-Igelin-Lane.

Space:  They need lots of space, so I would have to do a Wohnungstausch, cause Igelin would need an own room (And Igelin probably doesn’t have any income, so here was my first, Hm..). Igelin is night active. So I imagined my Friends call and ask: Hanna do you want to come to the lake? Me: Sorry to say Hank and me need to sleep cause we are night active OR I would always have to bring a Zaun so Igelin could nap at lake during the day. BUT I would do so then too (lack of sleep I guess then) SOOO probably not very social I would become. But well, I was already feeling comfortable with becoming an Igelin-Night-Babe, but then I was like, Hm, when I can go back to techno dancing, can I bring Igelin then??? Or who would feed Igelin when I am out in the disco or away, that was my second: Hm. Then I tried to pitch the Igelin Idea and started to ask around if others would take care of Hank, but why then having an Igelin when already trying to get an Igelinnen-Sitter. So yass, to be discussed.


BUUUUUT NOW I have an Igelin and I am pretty sure you need to know what we did today. SOOOOO we went out for a walk, Hank smoked passive, me active, we passed by a bridge, then it got really windy, we entered home, then Hank was super hungry, so she got a Burger, then we relaxed for a second, then Hank and me did some cleaning and then Hank and me went to the construction side to work and now we write…


Hm, seems like  I am always slightly going crazy on Sundays, well, well I will dive into that topic... For now Hank and Me will continue our journey. 


Spiky Fluffy Love to you, 

x hanna